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Metal roofing has some unique characteristics such as exposed fasteners, ribbed seams and rust just to name a few. Every one of these characteristics needs specialized experience and training to treat properly and provide years of problem free service.

When diagnosing a leaking metal roof it’s never easy. Water can be dripping down in a specific area but that does not mean that is where the actual leak is entering the building. You have to know; which way are the rafters running? This means the water can be dripping in one place but originating many feet away and running along the rafter and finally dripping at the low point. Also in which direction are the “ribs” or the direction of the corrugated steel panels running? Are the seams tight?¬† Are they starting to buckle due to ice infiltration? These and other questions are what experenced metal roofing contractors ask.

Now there are times when even asking all the right questions that the roof will give no definite clues or answers. So what do you do?

Coatings! In a very high percentage of the times a ripoff and full replacement is NOT required. Todays coatings come in variations of Acrylic “water based” or Silicone. Each has it’s specific place and use. The point is, coating the roof to solve the leaking problem is a cost effective way to add years back into the life of the metal roof at a significant savings to the building owner.

At Kingdom Roofing we have the experience and are committed to ongoing training as new products are procedures come into the marketplace.

When it comes to metal roofing Kingdom Roofing is the applicator of choice. We are certified contractors for GAF and Apco two of the largest and most respected coating manufactures in the business today.

If you have a metal roof that is currently leaking or have maintenance concerns call us to set up a consultation appointment.

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