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Benefits of Roof Coatings

We are a full service commercial roofing company that specializes in roof coatings for flat and metal roofs. As such, we are specifically trained in the use and application of roof coatings. We are a low slope and coating accredited contractor.

We also do EPDM (rubber) roof repairs. If you have an issue with current roof leaks we can help.

Roof coatings mean No expensive rip-offs – which is substantial because there are no costly dumpsters fees (which can run into the thousands on large jobs). No business disruptions – this means you can still run your business while we are working on your roof.

We also do EPDM (rubber) roof repairs. If you have an issue with current roof leaks we can help.

In most cases, the building owner can deduct the expense in 1 year instead of Amortizing over decades. Please consult your tax professional for specific local tax laws.

Cooling costs are reduced because the roof coatings are highly reflective. The difference is sometimes very noticeable.

Speed: Installation usually takes less than a third of the time of a typical “rip off and replace” roof.

Finally, the best one… COST. The cost savings of a properly installed roof coating system can sometimes add up to less than half of the typical “rip off and replace”.

All with the same warranty periods 10, 15, and 20 year periods provided by the product manufacturer.

Rubber roofs or (EPDM) flat roofs and metal roofs are another way we can be of benefit to the building owner by providing a concise plan to address any leak and make necessary repairs. Now their are times when a full rip off and replace is warranted and we are certified Genflex installers of of their EPDM rubber roof product system.

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