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Mobile Home Roofing

When it comes to mobile home roof repair there are a few things you must know.

First the approximate age of the roof. This will give an indication of what to expect and, what kind of materials were used. Materials and systems change and advance through time.

Second Is there an underlying roof eg; metal roofing, rubber roofing etc. this will tell you if you ultimately have to rip off and replace the roof off the mobile home what you will have to deal with as far as labor material dumpster and time.

Coating It is common especially on the older mobile home metal roofs, to see a roof coating. Aluminum was common choice, the problem with this roof coating it that in a short time after application is starts to become hard and brittle and crack especially in the harsh and cold New England Winters. When this happens water seeps into these cracks freezes then expands making the cracks even lager. Now you are no better off than you were before this coating.

Not all roof coating on a mobile home is bad, if the right material is used with the proper techniques it is a cost effective and long lasting alternative to rip off and replace.

Some examples of the proper materials and techniques for roof coating.

ROOF SURFACE MUST FIRST BE CLEANED, without proper cleaning to remove loose particles and common dirt off the roof of the mobile home proper adhesion will be hard to come by. We recommend a commercial grade power washer. Then all seams and protrusions must be treated. Then then question “ does the roof have ponding water” has to be answered. Ponding water is water that does not drain off the roof and accumulates creating a pond

in effect. If this the case a Acrylic roof coating will not be advised because this type of roof coating starts to degraded when submerged under water for 48 hours or longer. So, a silicone coating will be recommended because it is impervious to ponding water.

In short whether a roof replacement or a roof coating is best for you’re mobile home roof, Kingdom roofing and sealcoating has the experience to help.

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